Gallery Of Fine Arts

In its holdings the Gallery possesses works of art dating from the XVIIth, XVIIIth. and XIXth century as well as the famous „Ugljan triptych“ from the XIIIth century. (permanently borrowed from the SICU), while the largest part belongs to the XXth century.



Gallery of Fine Arts was founded after WWII on October 10, 1948 in a wholly devastated city. From it’s founding date up to 1963 it was an independent institution. It is the first institution of its kind in Zadar that is engaged in collecting, preserving and presenting artistic material for the most part dating from the XXth century. 

Without figurative art activity and lacking a tradition there was nothing to begin with. Due to unfortunate historical reasons, figurative art in Zadar, in contradistinction to cities where contemporary figurative art is a continuation of a powerful artistic tradition, does not stem out of a continuous development. That is why the idea to found a Gallery of Art was inestimable. The initial holdings of 80 works has grown through acquisitions and donations to 1.700 art objects. About 30.000 negatives of Ante Brkan’s photo-reporting opus have to be added to this number.

The museum-gallery mission of the Gallery includes the collection of works of art particularly from Croatia, the safekeeping of this material, researching and presenting the holdings and the activities of exhibition-presentation. 



Medulićeva 2

23000 Zadar


T. +385 (0)23/211-174


mr. sc. Ljubica Srhoj-Čerina

Senior Curator

Head of the Gallery of Fine Arts


Nevena Štokić



Web: www.nmz.hr