Zadar snova was founded in 1997 with a mission to provide an up to date art experience and so add a missing culture content to society.

It reflects on modern theatre, dance and music productions, art performances and interventions, interdisciplinary works and challenges in fusion of all arts and media. 

Festival has a history of presenting and supporting independent artists, has produced a big number of its own and collaborative productions and is a long time member of regional and international culture networks. 

In the first two weeks of August, Zadar snova presents selection of internationally renowned authors in open concept towards a format of an artistic message. In a blend of modern arts and ancient Dalmatian settings it gives a full focus on the content of an artistic idea while supporting innovative forms of its expression.

Zadar snova organisation was established in 1997 with a mission to promote and produce contemporary performing arts. 

We acknowledge a role of arts and importance of cultural innovations in an overall social and economic development. To achieve our goals we recognize the following objectives:

☼ to promote intercultural dialogue and networking by providing structure for production and cooperation 

☼ to contribute to development of regional cultural strategy and urban social movements 

☼ to support art and creativity by trainings and workshops

☼ to strengthen a capacity of local independent culture scene and to encourage individuals involved in own artistic or cultural initiatives by providing technical and logistic support 

☼ to build up managing skills and provide know-how in area of cultural management by organizing educational seminars and meetings


☼ to establish a multimedia culture and info centre as a meeting point for creators with an open access to new technologies and relevant arts and social data bases



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