calendar 19.08.2019 - 23.08.2019


The Monoplay Festival is a dance festival in Croatia in the domain of contemporary dance and its expression within the contemporary theatre, and the only festival specialised in showcasing the solo performance. The international dance festival MONOPLAY has been held in Zadar since 2009, always in the end of August.

Developed very spontaneously in order to help a member of the Zadar Dance Ensemble continue her education abroad, the Festival has since increased its organisational and artistic capacities. Consequently, it has developed from a small festival into an extremely significant summer event where experts, artists, critics, teachers, and young generations of dancers meet the audience, begin their dialogue and develop understanding by experiencing the Festival days together. They thus work not only on the systematic advancement of their own work, but on the development of the dance scene in Zadar and in Croatia too. Year after year, the quality, development, and advancement of artistic and organisational work is reflected in its growing audience and its coupling with the educational platform STREAM Zadar.

Young generations and the specific nature of the Zadar dance scene have been very important since the foundation of the MONOPLAY Festival, therefore during the Festival we regularly present dance acts by young artists, students at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art, as well as Zadar-based dancers, who have a chance to present themselves at this event to the audience coming from various parts of Croatia and Europe.

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