calendar 15.06.2018 - 23.06.2018


KvartArt is the annual urban Zadar festival which brings together young creatives and their projects. It aims to revitalize the obsolete and derelict public spaces and embrace new ideas about the basic function and content of the residential city quarters. Buildings and urban spaces should be designed first and foremost around their occupants. In essence, the city quarter ought to be bright and buzzing space where people can engage with their local community. Triggering physical, physiological and psychological wellbeing is nowadays becoming a topic of significant relevance.

KvartArt promotes the urban way of life through all kinds of art (music, drama, film, art, literature, etc.) and presents them in an informal way, through street-art performances and concerts, educational workshops, screenings, games and entertainment. 

Activities within the festival are enriched this year with the visits and performances of various educators, artists and activists. Their knowledge and experience will fill well into the main festival´s goal - to create a creative atmosphere within which new ideas, new acquaintances, new projects, ie. a whole new and better reality would emerge.

An important segment of the festival is the EU project "Living Streets"  as part of the LIFE Program, through which the festival is being funded. 

For more information, festival program and location (Croatian only): www.kvartart-zadar.com

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