Mario Županović: The Man and his machine

calendar 09.08.2007

St. Donat / 10pm
Beta version - technological performance / Auto-dictate
Project is associated to an intimate inquest of expressions: performing, performance and theatre piece. The author there displays his own media reflection on principals of performing through an auto-dictated act and by using instruments for creation: method, body and text as information.

The performance is structured in four parts:
Play display: dominated by voice escapades, software and video clips
Text display: author's auto-dictate through a projection and voice
Machine display: segment deprived of body, presenting technical and production tools
Return to ritual: segment of abandoning of the machine and the auto-dictated through a live sound of drums, minimal electronics and light.

Beta version exposes the co-living of a performer and technique, documentary material and personal theory. Presented as an auto-dictate, a performance is merely an introductory act for future structures: presentation of technical reality of a performance, a theoretically formatted act and deserting of the theatre production. Project has derived from depersonalization of a theatre state, a need for de-contextualization of terms performer and performance, as well as an intimate author's auto-dictated review of media practice.