A place to meet friends or business partners. The bar is open during the events. Relax in comfort on the stylish sofas or take in the atmosphere at the long bar. From a night out with friends to a corporate function for 500 we are sure you will enjoy the Arsenal experience.


This summer, in a unique historical area of Arsenal, visitors of Zadar will have a chance to experience the living history of Zadar, a city that rose from the ashes twice. You will have the opportunity to witness memories of the beginning of civil life in Zadar, from the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.  Numerous photographs, postcards, and items which recorded the most diverse moments of that time, will be exposed at Arsenal gallery to help us reconstruct the life and look of the city as it once was.

The mid-20th century was also the period when Arsenal, for the first time, opened the door to art exhibitions and events. Back in 1957, precisely on the 5th of August, the exhibition "Fishermen Exhibition and Festival" was held at Arsenal.  This exhibition also launched two events that later proved to be of great importance for the city of Zadar: “Art Exhibition Blue Salon” and “International Exhibition of Art Photography Man and the Sea”.

Today, on the 10th anniversary of Arsenal’s contemporary edition, we wish to show our guests the moments of the great history of Zadar, and thus the history of Arsenal itself.

Come and visit Arsenal, every day from June 15 until September 1, from 9 am to 4 pm, and experience the story of the city with such a rich history.


Together with the association of Liburna- winemakers of Zadar region, we bring you: 

*The largest offer of wine from the Zadar region in one place, in a unique monument of Croatian heritage: The Great Arsenal

*Winemakers: OPG Škaulj, De Georgiis, PZ Maslina & Vino (Bobanović), Figurica Anić, OPG Božo Bačić, Kraljevski vinogradi, Vinarija Jokić-Tinj, University of Zadar


Adults: 30 kn

Groups (5 persons or more): 20 kn

Students: 10 kn

Wine tasting is included in price.

Trg tri bunara 1, HR-23000 Zadar

Tel: +385 (0)23 253 833



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