Croata neckties (cravats)

CROATA neckties are made only from top-quality silk in various weaves ...

Cravat / Kravata (tie) originates from Croatia? From time immemorial, the tie has been a part of the Croatian national costume, which was preserved by the Croats to the more recent times, who moved to central Europe in the 16th century. It was later taken over by the Croatian soldiers who were fighting in Europe, and a part of their uniform was assumed by the French in the 17th century. Under the leadership of the French „God of Sun" Louis XIV there was a horsemen unit, the so-called Royal cravate, who wore mostly red collar ribbons. The custom of wearing ribbons from the Croats dates back to this time, which was later expanded around Europe and the world, and today is inevitably the most important detail in men's fashion, and also an original Croatian souvenir. Derivatives of the word croata have been present in many languages, (i.e., English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian), meaning cravat or tie.

CROATA neckties are made only from top-quality silk in various weaves. They are handmade and are distinguished by various details of precision and impeccable manufacturing. The quality of CROATA neckties, (their cut, length, and silk), matches the quality level of the most famous world trademarks. Created by Croatian designers, the classic and modern collections vary depending on seasons and current market trends. Many motifs have been inspired by Croatia's rich cultural heritage including, the ancient Glagolitic script, a traditional three-part interlacing design, the Dux Croatorum, and the beautiful Adriatic coast. 

Original CROATA cravats are easily distinguished. The history of the origin of Croatia's cultural symbol is printed on the package, and in the case of a heritage necktie, the history of the motif is also included. By virtue of Croatia's geographic position, CROATA neckties combine Eastern refinement and exoticism with Western elegance and design. The beauty and quality of CROATA neckties have frequently seduced visitors in Croatia. Outside Croatia, CROATA neckties have successfully gained recognition in European, American and Asian markets.