Kayaking and rafting

Discover the beauties of rafting in a unique way in the Zadar hinterland, on the magnificent rivers of Zrmanja and Krupa.


The most attractive rafting period is the end of April and May, when there is plenty of water and the weather is nice and warm. The exciting rapids and the steep canyon cliffs turn into flower gardens. The river Zrmanja with its tributary Krupa belongs to our most beautiful rivers. The green colour of the river, combined with the steep canyon cliffs, exciting rapids and "Veliki buk" (The Great Cascade), a 13-meter high fall takes your breath away.

Thanks to the closeness of the sea, the season on the river Zrmanja starts already in March. At that time the Zrmanja is a real rafting river that can stand side by side to the best rivers in the world.


Rafting is not to be planned while the strong and cold bora (bura) wind is blowing. The month of May is surely the most attractive in the tourist sense, rafting is then still exciting and nature beautiful. If you are an adrenaline addict, make an effort and catch rafting on the Zrmanja River after heavy rains. The waves are huge and in a number of places the rapids inspire reverence even to the most experienced.

We must recommend a tour on the River Zrmanja from Ervenik to Žegar where there is rarely enough water, but when there is, it is surely one of the best rafting excursions in our part of the world. It is rarely active (due to the water level) but it is surely the best rafting experience in Croatia.


Previous experience for this adventure is not acquired - even children over 10 years of age accompanied by parents can participate, but a basic rule is never to cross the river unaccompanied by an experienced and licensed guide.

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