International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar (ICUA)



Underwater archaeology in the Republic of Croatia has made considerable progress in the last couple of years and a high quality system for survey, research and protection of underwater archaeology sites and finds is being implemented. From now on, the focal point of these activities will be the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar (ICUA).

This new Centre was opened in September 2007 as an organizational unit of the Croatian Conservation Institute, a scientific and professional institution founded by the Republic of Croatia. In January 2009 the Centre was legally recognized as an independent institution, although it will stay closely linked to Croatian Conservation Institute. The decision to establish the Centre was based on the fact that Croatia was among the first countries to ratify the UNESCO´s Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage from 2001. That was the reason for UNESCO to accept the Croatian initiative to proclaim the Centre in Zadar as a regional centre (category 2) under the auspices of UNESCO.

The main purpose of the Centre is to carry out educational activities in field of exploration, conservation and restoration of the underwater cultural heritage. It will also promote the ratification and implementation of the 2001 Convention by developing and sharing state-of-the-art methods of research in underwater archaeology, conservation and restoration, training and exchange of knowledge. The Centre will operate respecting the principles of the Convention and its annexes and it will contribute to building capacity in other countries in the region.

The Centre will have a significant regional dimension with respect to training activities and the dissemination of knowledge and research. The focus will be on the countries of the South-East Europe and wider Mediterranean region. Due to the type of archaeological finds and sites, strong cooperation with the countries in the region can be predicted.

The Republic of Croatia provides the necessary funds for the running costs of the Centre, while the funds for accomplishing particular programmes should be provided from different sources, depending on the type of programme or project. Funds for international programmes and projects will be provided from international sources.


  • • organize the high-quality training and specialization of various experts in all aspects of underwater archaeology, nationally and internationally 
  • • exchange knowledge from the field of underwater archeology 
  • • develop international cooperation in regards to scientific research of underwater archeological sites with member states of UNESCO and international professional and scientific organizations 
  • • inform the public about its activities with the goal of raising awareness about the underwater cultural heritage values 
  • • organize international conferences, seminars and workshops 
  • • professionally unify the activities of underwater archaeology in the Republic of Croatia 
  • • promote the capacity-building, pursuit of excellence and scientific research 
  • • improve scientific and expert research of underwater archaeological sites 
  • • promote the principles of the 2001 Convention and its annexes

International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar (ICUA)
Božidara Petranovića 1
HR-23000 Zadar, Hrvatska
Tel. +385 23 253 041
Fax. +385 23 253 084
E-mail: info@icua.hr






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