The Rector´s Palace was recorded in historic sources as early as the 13th century. The wall structure reveals Romanesque and Gothic layers from the Middle Ages.



It was completely restored in the 16th century and later in the 19th century, according to the designs of the classicist architect, Frano Zavore. The courtyard is the oldest example of Classicism in Zadar. In the 19th century, the Rector´s Palace was joined to the Proveditor´s Palace (17th century), the two together forming a joint Viceregency, the government headquarters for Dalmatia within the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy.

The project Reconstruction and tourist valorisation of cultural and historical complex of the Rector’s Palace will directly contribute to:

1) Reconstruction and tourism valorisation of the cultural heritage building of Rector’s Palace,

2) Modernizing the presentation of cultural property,

3) Strengthening the capacity for managing cultural tourism destination,

4) Developing the tourism product based on these resources and it’sengaging in a unique destination offer.

RC.1.1.05-0117 is funded through The Business-Related Infrastructure Grant Scheme, in line with Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme 2007-2013. Its total value is 37,799,651.00 HRK with 95% co-financing. The project duration is 24 months and its implementation started in October 2nd 2014. The project coordinator is the City of Zadar with partners: National Museum Zadar, Zadar Tourist Board, Development Agency of Zadar County – Zadranova, and the University of Zadar.

The project aims to create recognition of the new integrated cultural tourism product in Zadar through reconstruction and tourist valorisation of the Rector’s palace. The project resolves long-term needs for cultural presentation of the city, county and institutions in culture and tourism in a modern, innovative and attractive way. This will increase competitiveness of the new cultural tourism product, which is a direct incentive to entrepreneurship as an overall citytourist offer extension. The reconstruction of the Rector’s Palace will turn this part of the city into a new social, cultural and tourist centre.

The Rector’s palace reconstruction project is of great importance for the city of Zadar, since it is the first Structural Funds’ grant for infrastructure interventions in Croatia. Except for infrastructure projects and the reconstruction of the Rector’s palace, the grant will be used for management capacity building, the International Summer School of cultural tourism, marketing plan and overall identity of the Rector’s palace.

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