NP Kornati Islands

Fullday excursion - A splendid day on the sea! The most indented archipelago on the Mediterranean, with 140 uninhabited islands, islets and reefs.


Fullday excursion - A splendid day on the sea!

Archipelago with its 150 uninhabited islands, islets and reefs is the most indented island group in the Mediterranean. We will sail by boat from one island to another all the way to a bay of extraordinary beauty. It is a paradise for those who know how to enjoy the pure form of fascinating cristal sea. On board you will be served a lunch, including wine or juice.

In the central part of the Croatian  Adriatic, on the meeting point of Šibenik and Zadar islands, a separate and by many a specific group of islands, called Kornati, is situated.


Because of its exceptional landscape beauty, interesting geomorphology, diversity of the coastline and especially because of the rich biocoenoses of the marine ecosystem, greater part of the Kornati maritime zone has been declared a national park in 1980.


Today NP “Kornati” occupies an area of about 220 km2 and it includes 89 islands, islets and cliffs, alltogether with a coastline about 238 km long.  Despite this relatively large number of islands the continental part of the park forms only 1 of the total area, while everything else belongs to the marine ecosystem.

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