Kayaking is a quiet ecological activity which offers a vast specter of emotions and states of mind, from meditation rowing on the calm sea to the adrenaline-based riding of sea waves.


Dalina d.o.o. is a private, family-owned business in the tourism sector. Our business is based on renting kayak´s, both individually and unique and interesting tours suitable for all desires of customers. The Company is fully independent in its operations and is an example of a family business with recognizable characteristics such as commitment to work and willingness to sacrifice in order to get as many contribute to the success of the business. Respecting the highest standards in all business areas, but at the same time preserving the traditional values of the Croatian tourist heritage, we build and share with you an even better future.

We offer active holiday to all lovers of nature, we take you to places that have retained their natural authenticity and not succumbing to mass tourism. Want to discover hidden beaches and swim in the crystal clear waters? Enjoy a romantic sunset with a bottle of wine and observe how sea, sun and mountains become one on the horizon? Or just get away from the city hustle and stress, and in the peace of nature catch yourself fish for dinner? We are ready for all your wishes and needs, please contact us with confidence and go with us in the adventure, we are waiting for you!



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