TREASURE HUNT WITHIN THE CITIES OF ZADAR, NIN AND PAG (an outing for our little guests)

We organize a heritage "treasure hunt within the city" for children ages 6-13 with the possibility of larger groups (classes, organizations) or smaller groups (birthday celebrations).


The explorers discover the treasures of the city of Zadar, Nin and Pag, through their own eyes, in a completely new way.

Children will, step by step, solve puzzles by observations and in the end they will reveal a major secret. When all of the children reach their final destination, the travel guide will gather them and reveal the secrets, stories and legends of their observations. 

Among other things, we offer the following treasure hunt themes:

- The search for the queen’s footprints (we will see the real crown that belonged to the quen)

- The search for the “invasion of the city”

- The search for Croatian kings (We crown children at the same places that Croatian kings were crowned!)

The “hunt” lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Feel free to contact us! We will answer all of your questions!

Valentina Matešić, tourist guide for French and specialized travel guide for younger generations

email : val.matesic@gmail.com

Tel. : 00 385 (0) 95 913 20 65

More information: facebook page