Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos

Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos about the origins of Zadar, 4th cent. BC


Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos  about the origins of Zadar, 4th cent. BC

The Byzantine emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos or Porphyrogenitus - "the Purple-born" (September 2, 905 – November 9, 959) had in the year 950 given an interesting answer concerning the time of creation of Zadar. In his book "Governing an Empire" ("De administrando imperio“) he explained that the word "Zadar", Greek "Diadora", means "it already was", which leads to the conclusion that it existed before Rome. Even if this naive etimology is not considered, the fact that Zadar has always been a city remains. It has been a city even before it became a colony of Roman veterans. Some believe that it was a decision of the emperor Octavian in 27 B.C.; other believe that it was decided by the divine Julius Caesar 20 years earlier.