The visit of Emperor Franz Joseph (1875)

The Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I arrived to Zadar, the capital of the Kingdom of Dalmatia, on 10th April 1875.

The Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I arrived to Zadar, the capital of the Kingdom of Dalmatia, on 10th April 1875


Saturday 10th April 1875 was certainly a great day for the former capital of the Kingdom of Dalmatia. That morning the imperial yacht "Miramar", accompanied by several other ships, arrived in Zadar together with the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I on his journey along the Dalmatian coast.


The visit of the Emperor was the front page headline of the local newspaper "Narodni List" on the same day, and the photographs of Nikola Androvic (1824-1895) and Josip Marko Goldstein (1843-1930) still testify about the magnificent welcome the citizens of Zadar prepared to their Emperor. For the representative photo album about the Emperor´s journey to Dalmatia, which was given to the Emperor Franz Joseph I and Prince Rudolf, the photographers were awarded with 20 gold ducats each.


All Viennese newspapers reported about the Emperor´s journey to the youngest and poorest province of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, particularly emphasizing the enthusiasm and warm welcome of the Dalmatian people.

The Emperor stayed five days in Zadar, from 10th to 15th April. First three days he spent in visiting the cultural and historical monuments of the city, receiving guests and visiting military troops located in the city. On Tuesday, 13th of April, the Emperor visited Rab and Pag, and on Wednesday, 14th of April, he visited Benkovac and Obrovac and some other places along the way such as Karin and Smilčić. The Emperor Franz Joseph I left Zadar on Thursday, 15th of April, when he continued his journey towards Šibenik.

According to the preserved gala dinner menu, we know exactly what the Emperor Franz Joseph was eating for dinner held on 10th April 1875 at the Providur´s Palace in Zadar. The menu was, naturally, written in French:

Potage à la Colbert

Petit croustade à la Périgord

Branzino à la Béarnaise

Pièce et filet de bœuf à la Flamande

Suprême de bécasses à la Talleyrand

Hure de sanglier à la gelée


Chapons de Viennese

Artichauts à la Lyonnaise

Savarin à la Saint-Honoré

Fromage de Roquefort

Glaces aux abricots et au chocolat


Let us mention another interesting thing: the first demonstration of public electricity in our region occurred precisely during the visit of Emperor Franz Joseph I. The electric lighting was connected to the yacht´s "Miramar" DC generator and the new Zadar waterfront was illuminated with seven electric lamps for a few days, the first electric lamps in Croatia in general.


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