José Carreras

José Carreras held a concert in Zadar on July 21st, 2009, thrilling 3.500 people.

One of the world’s most famous tenors, José Carreras held a spectacular concert in Zadar on July 21st 2009, during which he sang some two dozen of his new and old songs.


Also performing at the concert was Ireland´s leading soprano singer Celine Byrne, while David Gimenez and Croatia’s Ivan Repusić took turns to direct the Symphonic Orchestra of the Croatian Radio and Television (HRT).


At the end of the concert, Carreras sang a Croatian popular song “Kalelagra” with a Zadar vocal group “Kadena”, which the public awarded with a thunderous applause and called out to Carreras for several encores. At concert Carreras promoted songs from his new album “Mediterranean Passion”, but he received most applause after singing famous songs from Catalonia and Naples, “Kataryn”, “Gitara Romana”, “Granada” and others. The concert lasted for almost two hours and 15 minutes.


José Carreras arrived to Zadar with a private jet 2 days before the concert, accompanied by maestro David Giménez. Carreras was staying in Hotel Bastion and has spent some time enjoying his stay in Zadar as a tourist.